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Intellitrain is an Association Management Company (AMC).
What is an AMC?
AMCs have existed for more than 100 years and are prevalent and widely accepted in the US and Europe, but still very new in Asia.

What is an AMC?

"An association management company is a firm of skilled professionals whose goal is to provide management expertise and specialized administrative services to trade associations and professional societies in an efficient, cost-effective manner… Based on the concept of shared resources, an association management company provides volunteer organizations with the expertise they need when they need it."

-- The International Association of Association Management Companies (IAAMC)

For more on the benefits of using an AMC, read IAAMC’s Quality Choice Brochure.

As an AMC, Intellitrain is divided into 3 Strategic Service Units, synergistically aligned to deliver maximum value to our association clients, leveraging on Intellitrain’s extensive networks and strategic alliances:

1. Association Management Services (“Powered by Intellitrain”)
2. Event Management & Conference Organisation (“Managed by Intellitrain”)
3. Intellitrain Learning Solutions (“Learning with Intellitrain”)

Why Use an AMC?
According to the American Society of Association Executives, there are 3 critical reasons for associations to use an AMC:
1. Efficiency – AMCs offer economies of scale and efficiencies to associations that are not easily duplicated due to their technology, buying power, systems and processes and appropriate staff allocations at the appropriate time.
2. Expertise – AMCs work with a variety of client associations and develop both depth and breadth of knowledge in all aspects of association management so you benefit from their:
  • Specialised skills
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Internal best practices
  • Intensive staff training
3. Experience – AMCs amass a great deal of experience through serving a variety of professional bodies, business/trade associations or not-for-profit organisations of different shapes and sizes and across different industries.
Intellitrain Pte Ltd is a member of the AMC Istitute and abides by its Code of Ethics & Professional Practice. Intellitrain is a proud supporter of the “Associations Make a Better World” campaign which seeks to promote understanding of the association model as a significant contributor to societies and economies worldwide.