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Intellitrain is divided into 3 Strategic Service Units that synergistically aligned to deliver maximum value to our association clients by leveraging on Intellitrain?s networks and strategic alliances:

A. Association Management Solutions ("Powered by Intellitrain")

Intellitrain can assist your association in 6 key areas spanning the entire life-cycle of your association:


Association Start-up

Our start-up services help ensure your association concepts become reality and include:

  1. Planning and strategic advice
  2. Drafting of constitutional documents
  3. Coordination of founder members and office bearers
  4. Registration and compliance with requirements of Registry of Societies
  5. Drafting of membership forms, standard operating procedures and other documents
  6. Web hosting and e-mail services
  7. Website design and development [Check out our Portfolio!]

Association Headquarters, Professional Secretariat Support & General Administration

  1. Association Headquarters - Intelitrain provides a full service professionally managed at our prominent business address in the heart of the CBD. Equipped with a full suite of office, meeting and training facilities, we provide a one-stop hub which preserves your association?s identity and meets your operational requirements cost-effectively.
  2. Telephone services - We establish a dedicated telephone line for your association and professionally field all enquiries in the name of your association.
  3. Centralised administration - We maintain all your secretariat and administration functions professionally in one location, including fielding of calls, emails, faxes and general correspondences, as well as membership registers and file records management, safe-keeping of association documents.
  4. Board and committee meetings - We provide secretariat support services including arranging meeting venues, giving of notices, preparing and circulating meeting agendas and attending meetings per year and following up on action items. We also offer our clients the use of our fully-equipped board/training/meeting room! [Find out more here!]
  5. Policies and procedures - We assist with preparation and updating of association standard operating procedures, polices and manuals to ensure all management and administrative responsibilities are appropriately handled.
  6. IT support - We assist in identifying your technology needs and providing the tools you need to run your association efficiently.
  7. Financial management - We work with qualified professionals to provide full financial services including bookkeeping and accounting, financial reporting, management accounting & reporting and arrangements for independent audits.

Conference, Events and Meeting Management

We help conceptualise, plan and implement events that inform, entertain and provide business opportunities for members and membership growth for associations. These may be one-off or regular events, including conferences, talks, exhibitions, membership or volunteer recruitment drives, fund-raising projects, product/service launches.

Our services include:

  1. Programme design & development
  2. Speaker management
  3. Budget development & control
  4. Pre-event, event & post event management
  5. Delegate/participant registration
  6. Sponsor & exhibitor prospect development, negotiation & management
  7. Event communications, marketing & promotions
  8. Social programme arrangement & management
  9. Travel, transportation & accommodation arrangement

With our proprietory Intellitrain Event Management Process, we help you manage your event registrations, payments, attendance and reports seamlessly and efficiently.

Membership & Communication

Membership is the lifeblood of associations. Intellitrain works to understand what motivates members to join and remain members of an organisation, as well as what barriers prevent others from joining. With this understanding, we develop and implement membership programmes tailored specifically to meet your needs. Using our proprietary Intellitrain Membership Management System and other software solutions, we can efficiently support the following membership services:
  1. Membership & volunteer database management – including creating, maintaining, updating of membership & volunteer databases, tracking of membership and volunteer trends.
  2. Dues and renewals management - monitoring of membership expiry dates and renewals management, sending dues notices, reporting on membership renewals and dues collection
  3. Online membership directory services
Your members expect regular, timely and relevant communication on critical association and industry issues. We can help you put in place a quality communications programme that fosters a sense of belonging among your membership, and lends your association its unique identity and serves as your association's voicepiece in influencing professional, legislative and regulatory affairs. Our membership communication services include:
  1. Fax and/or email broadcasts to your membership
  2. Coordinate direct mailers to your membership
  3. Design, editing and dissemination of your own e-newsletter (content to be provided by Client, unless otherwise agreed)
  4. Creation and maintenance of your own website with regular content updates (content to be provided by Client, unless otherwise agreed)

Technology Solutions

  1. Web hosting and e-mail services
  2. Website design, development, updates and maintenance [Check out our Portfolio!]
  3. Intellitrain Membership & Events Management System

Training & Education/Continuing Professional Development

Professional development is one of the key reasons for joining associations. Key benefits of successful professional development programmes include providing valuable learning and networking opportunities for members, showcasing the association's accomplishments, introducing potential new members to the organisation and revenue generation. Staffed with a team that has organised close to 200 events in the past 3 years, Intellitrain brings a wealth of experience and expertise including in the following areas:

Training Secretariat Services

  1. Training policy, planning, development and organisation in collaboration with your Education or Training Committee
  2. Standard pre-event, event and post-event management services for implementing of your training programmes
  3. Periodic performance review reports
  4. Drafting of event blurbs for your e-newsletters and website
  5. Negotiations with other professional bodies and training providers for collaborative training opportunities

Training Content Design, Development & Delivery

Intellitrain also works closely with experts in Training Content Design, Development & Delivery including:
  1. Programme design & development (by event or overall curriculum)
  2. Programme delivery (onsite, offsite, e-learning or blended approach)
  3. Conversion of classroom content to e-learning
  4. Content localisation or customisation
  5. Content-vendor management

Strategic Training Operations

We also offer the assistance of our team and other expert consultants from various professional services and training backgrounds who are able to consult and advise on:
  1. Policy, planning and development of continuing education and training curriculum and annual calendar
  2. Consultation services, research and advice on continuing education and training/professional development for relevant industry or profession (scope to be agreed)
  3. Needs analysis
  4. Management of strategic projects
  5. Measurement, analysis & reporting including training records management and reports
  6. Delivery of strategic programmes and interventions, including executive coaching for individuals and groups
Click here for a brochure on our Association Management Solutions.

B. Conference Organisation & Event Management Services ("Managed by Intellitrain")

The team at Intellitrain has organised almost 200 events (ranging from international conferences, seminars, product and services launches, membership events, workshops, training sessions and other events) in the past 3 years. Leverage on our extensive experience and resources in conference organisation and event management and take the hassle out of organising any event, big or small.

Best of all, your "Managed by Intellitrain" events will enjoy an unsurpassed standard of professionalism and quality at a reasonable management fee.

Take your pick from the scaleable Conference Organisation & Event Management Services we offer:

  • Programme design & speaker management
  • Budget development & control
  • Pre-event, event & post event management
  • Sponsorship
  • Conference marketing
  • Delegate registration
Other Events:
  • Project management, positioning & strategy
  • Budget development & control
  • Venue & event logistics
  • Sponsorship
  • Event marketing

Click here for brochure on our Conference Organisation & Event Management Services.

C. Intellitrain Learning Solutions ("Learning with Intellitrain")

Intellitrain Learning Solutions provide:
  • Access to leading subject-matter experts from around the world ;
  • Synergistic intra-industry inter-association networking opportunities.
  • Extensive cross-industry email marketing databases.

Our alliances with and within professional bodies and trade/industry groups enable Intellitrain to conceptualise and organise high-quality clients-only or public subscription programmes (online, offline and blended) that leverage on and share our clients' expertise. To align with our clients' aims and enhance their visibility, Intellitrain regularly invites its clients to provide speakers or contribute subject-matter expertise and extends its clients and their constituents preferential rates for such programmes. Whoever relevant, these programmes are marketed to:

  • Professional bodies
  • Trade/industry and business associations
  • Professional services firms
  • The private sector
  • The public sector
  • Members of the public

Based on our experience delivering and promising events and conferences over the past 9 years, we have built an extensive marketing database that enables our clients to reach specific target audiences effectively and efficiently.

Intellitrain Pte Ltd is a member of the AMC Istitute and abides by its Code of Ethics & Professional Practice. Intellitrain is a proud supporter of the “Associations Make a Better World” campaign which seeks to promote understanding of the association model as a significant contributor to societies and economies worldwide.