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Intellitrain recognises the value and importance to associations of communicating effectively with their members, key stakeholders and publics.

Some of the communication services we offer include website design, development, hosting, management and updates.

Intellitrain not only designs and develops websites and service portals in keeping with our clients' branding and strategic objectives, we add further value by providing regular and timely content updates through our drafting and copywriting services. This ensures that your website or portal always stays current and relevant for your members and other stakeholders. Here's a sample of websites we have created and maintain for our clients:

Association Clients   Events & Conferences

Insolvency Practitioners Association of Singapore Limited (IPAS)

Website www.ipas.org.sg

Symposium: SIArb Commercial Arbitration Symposium 2013

Singapore Institute of Arbitrators (SIArb)

Website www.siarb.org.sg

Conference: Inaugural SIArb National Arbitration Conference on 30 July 2013

Website intellitrain.biz/SIArb2013

Singapore Corporate Counsel Association (SCCA)

Website www.scca.org.sg

Conference: Financial Planning for Muslims - Current Issues in Insurance and Trusts on 30 August 2012

Website intellitrain.biz/MFPA2012

Society of Construction Law (Singapore)

Website www.scl.org.sg


Conference: Islamic Inheritance - Updates & Developments on 5 August 2010

Website intellitrain.biz/MFPA

Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (Singapore Branch)

Website www.step.org.sg

  Conference: 5th Joint SCL-Law Society Construction Law Conference on 23 September 2009

The Law Society of Singapore's Continuing Professional Development Programme

CPD Portal www.intellitrain.biz/cpd


Conference: SIArb Inaugural Commercial Arbitration Symposium on 3 September 2009

Hong Kong Corporate Counsel Association Membership Services

Website www.intellitrain.biz/hkcca


Conference: Singapore Corporate Counsel Association's Inaugural SCCA Regional Conference on 2-3 April 2009

Website scca2009.intellitrain.biz

The Singapore Mediation Centre ("SMC")

Website www.smcmediationcharter.sg


Conference: Inaugural Regional Arbitral Institutes Conference on 12-13 July 2007

Website www.intellitrain.biz/SIArb


SIArb 25th Anniversary Gala Dinner: "The Changing Face of Arbitration" on 24 Nov 2006

E-invite www.intellitrain.biz/SIArb/gala


Conference: Official Launch of IPAS & Inaugural IPAS Conference on 2 Nov 2006

Website www.intellitrain.biz/IPAS



Conference: Society of Construction Law International Conference 2006 on 15-17 Oct 2006

Website www.scl.org.sg/conf2006



Conference: Journal of Contract Law Conference 2006 Contract and the Commercialisation of Intellectual Property on 29 September 2006



      Conference: The Future of the Legal Profession on 16 Feb 2006
      Conference: LAWASIA Children & the Law Conference on 24-25 May 2005
Intellitrain Pte Ltd is a member of the AMC Istitute and abides by its Code of Ethics & Professional Practice. Intellitrain is a proud supporter of the “Associations Make a Better World” campaign which seeks to promote understanding of the association model as a significant contributor to societies and economies worldwide.