Good News to all VWOs! The SAC Counselling Symposium 2015 has received pre-approval for VCF Funding for eligible staff and volunteers (Singaporeans and PRs) from NCSS member VWOs and MSF-funded VWOs. 

VCF Funding is being further extended to all qualifying VWOs for SAC Members and non-Members.
The pre-approved funding is at 80% of $458.00. 

1. SAC Members only need to pay $91.60 – based on the registration fee of $458.00 for SAC Members.
2. Non-SAC Members only need to pay $121.60 – based on the registration fee of $488.00 for non-Members.

VCF Local Training Fund application is to be made through the VWO Corner at least ONE month before the date of the Symposium. Please send the approval email from VCF to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as proof of eligibility for VCF funding when submitting your application through the Symposium website

SAC is the registration body for Counsellors and Psychotherapists in Singapore.

SAC’s objectives include:

  • Maintain standards through collaboration with local government bodies, and both local and international associations with mutual interest in counselling
  • Develop inclusiveness through active development of subcommittees and/or chapters targeted at identified special interests
  • Revise and maintain the counselling register
  • Ensure an effective ethics committee
  • Maintain the Course Recognition Committee
  • Develop supervision standards for the effective provision of services to clients.


SAC Vision Statement

We are an organisation that establishes standards of counselling training and practice; and reaches out to foster a community of people with an interest in counselling and psychotherapy.


SAC Mission Statement

  1. To protect clients, the community and the profession by maintaining standards of counsellor training and practice; and developing standards of supervision.
  2. To involve individuals, groups and stakeholders with interest in the field of counselling through dialogue and activities.


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